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Social rental apartments program in Ocsa, Ócsa

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  • Ócsa, Unkari
  • Pientalo
  • Valmistumisvuosi: 2012

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  • 30000
500 social rental apartments is going to be built here so that 80 of them has already been designed by the Ministry of Interior and will be finished by spring of 2013. The bid of ideas for the next 420 apartments will be followed by plan bids. Planned parcel size is at least 1,000 m2 to allow for growing garden plants and keep pets. Out of the 420 apartments 84 shall be of 40 m2 and 185, 84, 46 and 21 of them shall be of 50, 60, 70, 80 m2 footing area, respectively. Quality in the log run Inside the buildings cold & hot water supply shall be provided by Uponor multi-layer system. The first flats are ready, waiting for their new dwellers. From the Uponor products, the water supply, connection of the central heating radiators, and the surface heating/cooling can be solved, creating a system. In the selection, an important aspect was the excellent quality, fast and simple installation, and last but not least, the favourable price/performance ratio. Taking all these aspects into account, the Veszprém-based contractor decided to use Uponor products. The most important benefits of the multi-layer Uponor piping system: - Wide range of diameters, from 16 up to 110 mm - Absolute diffusion compact, exceeds the requirements of DIN 4726 - Very low surface roughness (k=0.0004 mm) reduces friction and pressure loss - Rigid due to compensation and reduction of return springing - Very flexible, so low diameter pipes (up to 32 x 3 mm) are easy to be bended either manually or by appropriate tool - Heat expansion similar to metals allowing for greater distance between pipe clamps - Clean and easy to install, with no welding, brazing, threading and bonding - Corrosion resistant due to internal and external plastic layer - Max. temperature 95 °C, max. *10 bar permanent operational pressure at 70 °C operational temperature, verified 50 years lifetime - Low weight, easy to handle; rolls and bars in various diameter and size

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