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Avant-Garde Apartment House, Moscow

Project Facts:

  • Moscow, Venäjä
  • Pientalo
  • Completion: 2006

Uponor involvement

  • 18394
In 2007,  Avant-Garde apartment house was awarded "The Golden Ratio” award. According to the jury, it was such original projects that it could stimulate the desire to create a bright, expressive architecture and influence the creation of "brands" of a modern architecture. One look at the house is enough to verify the truth of such an assessment. The building has two special features - the color and the shape. The decision of the facade is realized in very non-traditional methods for Moscow construction tradition: 22 floors of the residential house are covered with panels of bright blue, green, yellow, orange colors. Each panel has the size of a window, and together all the panels comprise asymmetrically, as if randomly selected drawing. When facing the house, the materials imitating a natural stone, as well as multicolor fiber-concrete plates Cem Stone Plus were used. In 2006, ARX Awards named Avant-Garde "the best implementation from the perspective of development”. The project of the residential building, which is a tower, tending to the ellipse in construction layout, differs extraordinary by its floor planning and a whole project solutions, which were designed to build on the specified building site the maximum constructed area (architects increased the size of the usable area by 2,5 times), to release the maximum area for planting and landscaping and not to block the adjacent buildings. The project was awarded the developer award just exactly for such unconventional approach. Avant-Garde is a house of "Business+” class which combines the best traditions of elite construction and engineering solutions of the new millennium. This development is intended to satisfy the most demanding customer who wants to buy housing in the elite new building that meets modern requirements for quality and comfort. Here is everything for comfortable living. The apartments have plastic windows with double glazed windows.  In accordance with the requirements of fire safety, the apartments are equipped with automatic sprinkler and smoke removal. To maintain the optimum temperature at any time of year, the apartments are equipped with split-systems, the water supply system is provided with water filters. Apartments are wired to the line for high-speed Internet access, connected to cable TV. For ease of movement at the complex, residential building is equipped with elevators, manufactured by OTIS. For convenience of car ownership there are two parking: surface parking and underground one located at the base of the building. The territory of the residential complex is fenced, there is a children's playground.

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60, Novoceremushkinskaya Str. Moscow


Avant-Garde Apartment House




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