Old house renovation in historical Bucharest

Historical buildings restoration is about maintaining the original appearance of finishes and architecture and integration into a modern and economically efficient system. Besides the aesthetic factor, a home means comfort, relaxation and a harmonious and healthy indoor environment.

Project Facts:

  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Pientalo
  • Completion: 2014

Uponor involvement

  • Pe-Xa pipe 17=5600ml, Local heat distribution=1800ml
During the renovation the architect paid close attention to details: furniture, finishes, colours and ... .comfort. The best heating system is the one that you don’t see it, just feel it: no louder radiators or pipes that gather dust, just a warmth floor to your feet.

Therefore, to warm up the house, it was used heating radiant floor system Uponor Classic. It provides an excellent thermal comfort through uniform temperature distribution without air circulation. Thanks to underfloor installation the system doesn’t change the rooms appearance, have no impact on the windows position and other architectural features.

The heating system installation height of 5 cm in the floor was installed at on wire mesh and Uponor PE-Xa pipe 17 mm.

In a home, safety and health of the inhabitants are very important: made of the latest materials, Uponor pipes for water supply meet all safety and hygiene requirements. Old pipes for water supply were replaced by the innovative Uponor Quick & Easy guaranteeing a safe connection with a minimum loss of pressure using thermal memory, so the house residents will enjoy of fresh and clean drinking water.

Easy to handle and install the system has a long life, proven over time.

By choosing Uponor radiant heating system, building owners have chosen a long term sustainable solution that improves energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption by 12%.

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