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Cythia House, Poole, Doreset

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  • Poole, Doreset, Iso-Britannia
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  • Valmistumisvuosi: 2008

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Now with most coming up to their 50th year, parts of the building’s fabrication are in need replacing. The pipework in particular, installed in galvanised steel is now reaching its service life. One such project is Cynthia House in Poole, Dorset where the steel pipework is undergoing a complete overhaul. The steel will be replaced by a plastic alternative; Uponor’s Multi Layer Composite pipe (MLCP), a plastic pipe with an aluminium layer. Renovation projects such as this one are taking place more regularly, and as the price for metal products continue to rise. The renovation carried Preheat of (Poole) involved the complete replacement of all the galvanised steel service pipework, installed from day one on the project. Painted galvanised steel only has a service life of 40 or so years; corroding from the inside out, causing leaks, reducing water pressure and some cases bursting. As with many social housing refurbishments the work needed to take place with the occupants still residing within the building so minimal disruptions was needed. Too heavy to bring down Pre-heat had to saw the pipe into shorter, more manageable lengths to get material off site. The Uponor MLCP that replaced the steel was delivered on site in lightweight straight lengths of either 3m or 5m. Uponor’s MLC pipe is recognised for being a market leader in the flexible plumbing market. The pipe possess a 100% oxygen tight construction (which prolongs the life of your pumps and other equipment sensitive to corrosion), limited expansion and smooth internal bore (allows the pipe to be used in hot and cold water, as well as heating applications without deterioration in the pipe’s size or shape). Lastly the professional ‘press-fit’ jointing system is reliable and free of hot works.

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Poole, Doreset






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