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Golden Mile, Dubai

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  • Dubai, Yhdistyneet Arabiemiirikunnat
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  • Valmistumisvuosi: 2008

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Dubai the thrilling, vibrant and cosmopolitan city at the Gulf is in everybody's mind when talking about high-rise projects.The Palm Jumeirah Island is the most impressive example for the outstanding projects coming up.The Palm Jumeirah Trunk is the hub of the Island. Nearly half a kilometre wide, it will feature a monorail system for the convenience of residents and guests. There they will find five star hotels, The Palm Tower, deluxe apartment buildings, marinas, Village Centre including restaurants, cafes, leisure facilities and luxury shops. With investment costs of US $ 300 million it will comprise 10 waterside buildings with 780 luxury apartments and 220 upscale boutique shops and restaurants.The Palm Golden Mile, launched in 2005, is a joint venture between IFA Hotels & Resorts Group and Istithmar Company and located on the western portion of the Palm Jumeirah trunk. The project consists of 10 identical and interconnected 11 storey apartment buildings on separate plots. 860 units comprising townhouses, one, two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses. The Golden Mile Residences will be managed by Fairmont hotels & Resorts and will be equipped with highest quality products. Uponor has been selected for that outstanding project in 2006. From May 2007 Uponor supplied a significant number of products of its Uponor multilayer composite pipe system (MLCP) for tap water installation. The wide range of products, ease of installation and better price ratio compared to copper pipes have been the decisive factors for the decision towards Uponor MLCP tap water systems according to Uponor' s MLCP distributor Mr. Tarek Shihada from Aquagas Group. "We experienced earlier the professional handling of Uponor and Aquagas for other projects in Dubai city. They are acting as reliable partners with us." underlines the responsible from rpw consulting engineers. The total product range of pipes and fittings from outer dimension 16 - 110 mm has been supplied. The Uponor MLCP tap water system is used for the whole tap water piping installation from the risers up to the faucet. Since May 2007 a total number of over 150.000 press, compression and PPSU fittings and more than 200.000 meters of MLCP pipes have been supplied. Deliveries are planned to finalize the apartment and office buildings until May 2008. The Fairmont hotel will be finalized in 2009.  

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