Project Facts:

  • Leningrad region, Venäjä
  • Pientalo
  • Completion: 2008

Uponor involvement

  • 40000
The new housing estate Kyumleno is constructed in 25 km from the centre of St. Petersburg, in Vsevolozhsky district, near to the green Koltushi place. Not a long distance from the city, fresh air and beautiful landscapes allow to consider this area to be a perfect place for a comfortable living. Kyumleno is a cosy green small town with a children's playground and front gardens opposite each house. The best samples of the Finnish wooden housing construction and the Finnish countryside way of life are presented in Kyumleno. All houses are constructed with use of the proven and reliable technologies used in cottage building in Finland. All the applied materials are absolutely environmentally friendly. A monolithic concrete plate on a ground is used for a foundation, precast panels with application of glued wooden joists are used for flooring. External walls are executed from the wooden framing filled with mineral wool, and an external covering from tongue and groove wood siding. Ready units representing the wooden framing filled with mineral wool and covered by plywood are used for internal walls. Windows are wooden-aluminium units filled with double-glazed windows. Facades are decorated by Tikkurila paints. There are 28 houses of different types in the cottage settlement — individual cottages, duplexes (cottages for two families) and townhouses. The area of houses and apartments varies from 84 to 191 sq.m. Houses differ on finishing level: with full final finishing, prepared for final finishing or without finishing. There is a sauna in each cottage, garage parking or a parking place and also a small front garden. A great attention also is paid to a near-by territory in Kyumleno. Passways and sidewalks are asphalted, parkings and entrances are paved by stone. A special plan of landscape gardening is realised at the territory: lawns, trees, bushes, flowers are planted in a strict order, and borders between plots are made with green hedges.

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Vsevolzhsky district, Leningrad region Leningrad region






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