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  • Kazan, Venäjä
  • Pientalo
  • Completion: 2009

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Palace Embankment housing estate is located in the very heart of the historical part of Kazan continuing the panorama of the Kazan Kremlin complex. Palace Embankment with the facades of its buildings and the unique architecture resembles a magnificent palace. The complex consists of 3 residential houses built along the embankment of the Kazanka river. The housing estate offers the accommodation of the premium level: the ceiling height is 3.65 meters, design and finishing of the lobbies and halls are made from high quality materials using elements of classical forms and sculptural groups. The luxurious lobby of each building has a fountain. The windows of the apartments open beautiful views of the Kazanka river, panorama of its right bank and the historic center of Kazan. The residential complex combines unique architecture and modern standards of urban life. Round the clock guarded area of the yard, recreation areas, closed playgrounds provide comfortable and safe atmosphere for the residents of the complex. Apartments of the housing estate are equipped with individual heating to create the most comfortable indoor environment within the premises (Buderus boilers and Uponor pipe systems for underfloor and radiator heating), windows with double glazed windows, Ostberg forced fresh air ventilation, Fujitsu channel air conditioner system. There are Otis noiseless elevators in the houses of the complex.

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Fedoseevskaya Str., Kazan Kazan


Palace Embankment Housing Estate




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