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  • Moscow Region, Venäjä
  • Pientalo
  • Completion: 2008

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Yakhroma countryside community is situated in an ecologically clean natural area not far from a small town Yakhroma on the shore of a picturesque lake. The “Volen” and "Yakhroma" parks and Stepanovo are located in the neighborhood. The community territory occupies 13,16 hectares and settles down on a landscape smoothly rising from the lake to an access road limiting a building site. The specially equipped area for sports and rest with a beach and a boat station is joined to the community. The design offer of the community floor planning reflects architecturally-planning concept of individual site development and contains solutions upon engineering organization, accomplishment and protection of the territory, organization of a social infrastructure, space-planning decisions of the building objects, basic technical and economic indicators. The offered scheme of the community development is organically combined with a natural landscape. The compositional accent of the floor planning is the public centre of the community located along the axis of the main entrance to the territory of the community, with passage to the lake. Such constructions as a community administration building with dispatching office and protection premises, a trading enterprise, public catering and consumer services, a premise of recreative character enter into the structure of the public centre construction. The community project provides two-storied cottages construction, there are several types of the cottages design which can be changed depending on the wishes of a buyer. The constructive solution provides a free floor planning of internal space that allows to consider specific features of each owner. Internal finishing can be made according to the design presented by the owner or developed under its task.

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Yakhroma town, 46 km of Dmitrovsky highway, Dmitrovsky distr, Mosow Region Moscow Region






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