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Yubileiny Quarter Mixed-Use Development, Saint- Petersburg

Project Facts:

  • Saint- Petersburg, Venäjä
  • Pientalo
  • Completion: 2008

Uponor involvement

  • 310000
Yubileiny Quarter housing estate is a new residential complex in the North-West part of St. Petersburg on the crossing of the Comendantsky and Shuvalovsky prospects. A total area of the plot is 370,000 square meters including 310,000 square meters of built facilities and 60,000 of roads. Two completely equipped quarters are designed for 15,000 residents. Besides 16-25-storeyed apartment houses there will be schools, kindergartens, polyclinics, a bath, sports facilities, shopping centres in the complex. The district is famous with its ecologically clean environment. It is possible to have a rest just near the house. The foot street will connect quarter with a green zone. A picturesque Juntolovsky sanctuary is nearby, there will be a new Petersburg zoo in it. Owners of motor transport are provided with underground parkings and open guest parkings. A developed transport network will allow to reach any part of a city including southern areas without any problems thanks to the Western high-speed diameter. There will be a new metro station in a close proximity to the complex. The expressive architecture and rational lay-out of the housing estate is combined with an interesting color solution. The facades coated with a tile of light tones are supposed to reflect and refract sunlight, especially at sunset. Apartments with various floor plannings, light and spacious, are equipped with modern engineering solutions. The comfort and safety of the residents will be provided by means of a video-supervision system, a concierge service and silent high-speed lifts. Suspended air facades besides effective insulation can uphold a special climate in apartments. Heating supply of the block is done by the central control. All the apartments are equipped with special control units of heating, water and electricity. The residents can control the temperature and water and electricity consumption. Moreover, all flats are supplied with single barrel insulating glass units with low-emissivity glasses and climate valves of microventilation. The rational planning of the community, usage of the latest technologies allows Yubileiny Quarter housing estate to meet the highest requirements towards the quality of residential houses.

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Сonjunction of Shuvalovsky & Komendantsly pr Saint- Petersburg


Yubileiny Quarter Mixed-Use Development




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