Infra Technology

Tools and Machinery

Tools and Machinery

Uponor Infra Technology designs and manufactures a wide assortment of equipment and products needed in plastic pipe manufacturing, processing, modification and installation.

Since the 1960's, the Technology department of Uponor Infra has been supplying equipment such as welding-, pipe cutting- and polyurethane foaming systems and other technology solutions for the plastics industry and customers worldwide.

Insulation of pipe joints on site

Butt Welding equipment

Uponor Infra Technology are world leaders in the development of welding technology for polyethylene pipework systems from 20 - 1600 mm diameter and up to 20 bar pressure. Our range of products includes equipment for joining straight pipes by using butt fusion or extrusion welding technology, band saws, factory welding machines for production of fittings and apparatus for supervision of welding quality and control of welding parameters.

Uponor butt fusion field machines

Field machines for butt fusion welding of PE, PP and PVDF pipes and fittings are found in the PT-Series. The machines are hydraulic and designed for joining pipes and fittings ranging from OD 40 to OD 1600 mm. All PT-machines are equipped with LDU connections and can be supplied as or converted to a CNC machine

Uponor butt fusion workshop machines

Workshop machines for butt fusion welding of PE, PP and PVDF pipes and fittings are found in the PL and EURO series. You can choose between fully hydraulic PL and manually operated EURO machines for fusion jointing and butt fusion welding of pipes and fittings ranging from OD 40 to OD 1600mm. The workshop welding machines of PL series are designed for the butt welding of pipes and fittings of PE, PP, PVDF and other thermoplastic materials. All machines of PL series are highly suitable for production of prefabricated fittings. PL machines from 315 CNC are hydraulically operated and equipped with a CNC unit which enables automatic welding with the possibility to print out and transfer to PC-Database "Memoplan" all process parameters. The pivoting clamps allow to produce segmented bends in different radius. Reduction inserts, produced like two half shellseach set, are lying one in each other.

PL-DH models are specially designed for welding of thin walled PE jacket pipes for manufacturing of district heating pipe fittings.

PLDH 1600 - Uponor

Band Saws

Uponor Infra Technology supplies Band Saw Machines for plastic pipes are enabling cutting of pipes up to 4500m. The cutting angle, cutting speed and band vertical feed are steplessly variable. Prismatic guide shafts, continuously angular adjustment scale, automatic cutting stop and adjustable saw blade guides ensures an accurate and high quality result. BSM models consists of band saws ranging from OD 50 mm to OD 1600 mm. Large plastic pipe saws GR-BSM’s are able to cut the pipes up to OD 4500 mm. BSM-DH models are specially designed for thin walled plastic pipes.  

Modern robot chambers machining stations for automated processing of chambers, manholes and pipe parts enabling high precision and fast processing of fitting components are also available.